If you’ve been following Blockchers for the last months you might be aware that our goal is to facilitate the revolution of Distributed Ledger Technologies, DLTs, across European SMEs. We are managing a fund of 750,000€ aimed at financing real-world use cases across the EU of blockchain technologies in traditional sectors. But there’s more to it than that! We are also establishing a community of experts and conduct research for the EU on Slack. The EU needs to know about the status quo regarding the DLT technology but also identify its key challenges for the SME’s in order to adapt policies and support SME’s even further.

Therefore, we need your expertise and practical experience around the topic.

About the Slack channel

We are monitoring constraints, issues, and difficulties SME’s are facing through the implication process of blockchain solutions. But equally, we would like to collect recommendations, suggestions or wishes for the future. The results and findings will be presented in front of the EU to improve and reform EU policies and regulations for blockchain.

If you are interested, would like to contribute and pave the way for future SME’s or more DLT technology then join our new slack channel.

This channel will be used to collect all your wishes, requests, recommendations, issues, difficulties but also exchange these thoughts with experts of the fields who might have found already a solution or would like to work on it with you together.

When entering the slack channel, you can find two different channels labeled ‘intro’ and ‘general’. Please feel free to introduce yourself in the intro channel and tell us who you are and what you are doing. All your contributions and statements you would like to send to us you can post in the general channel.

We only collect the statements for research purposes therefore, we don’t collect: Your personal details, the statement with your name, company information, etc. We also prevent unauthorized advertising to make this a productive environment for everyone.

We are looking forward to you joining our slack channel.