ChangeTheBlock builds platforms for Smart Contract creation without programming knowledge. As a service allows any user to edit, create and manage smart contracts on the Ethereum network. This platform is entirely graphical and is managed through a very simple and intuitive website designed for any user to make use of it. The contracts they develop are designed for legal and financial entities that are in the discovery phase of DLT technology and work together with them to take full advantage of this technology.

 Can you tell us how the idea for your startup began?

In 2015 we discovered Ethereum and it was a game changer in our lives. We saw a unique opportunity and a great potential in smart contracts, but we find a gap between its potential and the complexity of its use in this early stage. ChangeTheBlock was founded to close this gap and to give legal Firms the possibility to take advantage of this great technology and all the improvements it offers.

What are you passionate about achieving?

ChangeTheBlock would like to give access to Smart Contracts and the Blockchain Technology to the main players in various industries, we know that Blockchain is the future and we want to be one of the main roads to achieve mass adoption.

Who are the team members and what backgrounds do you have?

Alan Draguilow is an advisor for a series of companies on blockchain application and implementation, as well as cryptocurrency investment. Smart Contracts and PaaS development experience and expertise. Victor Ortega is a software architect and technological consultant for multinational clients. Experience in DevOps, Agile Methodology, Java, Spring-boot, Python, Maven, Git, SonnarQube Jenkins, among others. Yarón Chocron, Graduated in Marketing and Management, and currently coursing a master’s degree in HR, Talent Management and Leadership; experience in training advisory, public tenders and project analytics. Diego Ruiz is the Responsible for client analytics at Banco Santander. Digital transformation expert, with 20 years of experience within the digital environments of the banking and marketing sectors. Katia Timojefeva, Master’s degree in Politic Science and European Law at Sorbonne University. Ex Legal Counsel in the National Assemble of France. Contract implementation at International Level.

“We want to give access to Smart Contracts and the Blockchain Technology to the main players in various industries”

Which is the use-case that you have presented for the Blockchers Acceleration Programme?

We are presenting together with Pinsent Masons a platform to create, edit and manage Smart contracts with a Web Interphase. Pinsent would be able to write a Smart contract using natural language to offer their clients a robust and tamper proof contract.

Why did you choose it?

We choose this example because is a daily problem the lawyers in Pinsent Masons must face and with our platform, they will be able to do it in a matter of minutes instead of days.

What are you most excited about taking part in the acceleration programme?

This is a unique opportunity to show the world what Blockchain technology is capable to do and to get access to the main experts of this industry as mentors.

“ChangeTheBlock wants to show what Blockchain technology is capable to do”

What unique aspects does your company have to offer to the blockchain ecosystem in Europe?

We are the first European company in democratize the access to Smart Contracts in an intuitive and easy way.

 Can you tell us something that you appreciate about your company?

Our commitment to our clients and to the Blockchain technology, we are executers with the goal of changing the world through Blockchain.

 Where do you see your company in 5 years?

As leaders of the Smart Contract technology offering 100+ templates in several industries.