The present moment is crucial for the development of Blockchain as a transforming technology for the good of business and society. We need to shape an appropriate framework where SMEs can develop their blockchain solutions to improve their current business models and create brand new ways to serve clients and social needs.

Such a big challenge can only be faced by bringing to the same table all the different perspectives, from policy makers and regulators to SMEs, start-ups, corporate, experts and civil society. This is precisely what Convergence, The Global Blockchain Congress aims to achieve next November. Three days gathering where all important global stakeholders will have the chance to meet, exchange views, receive information and contribute to shape the future of blockchain.

The city of Málaga has been the scenario chosen for this joint vision of the European Commission, INATBA, the EU Blockchain Observatory and Alastria as a central starting point to create a fruitful debate among all relevant players in the global blockchain scene.

If you are an active SME working on Blockchain, you simply cannot miss the chance to be part of the debate, let regulators know the industry priorities and contribute to shape the future of a digital world. Why is this important for SMEs?

Policy and regulation are key to your business

We live in a regulated environment and compete in a global world. It is crucial that policy makers and regulators understand the new business challenges linked to technology and engage with us in shaping the best framework.

As a digital SME you know how difficult it often is to take part in the policy and regulatory debates. While regulation is key to the business (as part of its non-market strategy), SMEs normally have less opportunities to contribute to policy making or influence experts´ views. Convergence is conceived to create this open dialogue and keep it alive beyond the Congress.

Keeping up with a constantly changing world

Regulatory uncertainty is a killer for business. Blockchain Technology is rapidly evolving. Every day, new business cases develop. Academia is working on ethics, regulation, technology and social impact. You feel it in your daily work: this is a very dynamic environment for business players. How can we keep up with this changing environment? We need to create a collaborative network in all these fields and strengthen a constant exchange. Convergence will offer a yearly gathering focusing on all these issues but it also sets the basis for interpersonal relations that continue collaboration (creative activities, side programs).

Meet the best and work together

High level players from all different spheres will be open to share and debate. The program is conceived to encourage the transfer of information, promote informal exchanges of views and network productively. Key notes and panel discussions run in parallel with a set of other activities to promote interaction such as ‘Ask me anything’ sessions or The Global Blockchain Challenge, where developers, regulators and business experts will work around priority challenges.

Blockchain SMEs live in an interconnected and changing world. Be connected and find ways to reach peers and policy makers. Together we will bring blockchain to the next level and guarantee that technology is used for the best.