Project Description


Creation of a Blockchain Traceability & Interoperability Platform

Barcelona, Spain
Seed company established in 2018


Teaser of the company

Our platform is agnostic to the DLT/blockchain used and allow interoperability between networks for data traceability.
We had deployed blockchain and DLT projects related to data traceability for different sectors. Mainly for big enterprises in Spain such as Bank Santander, Naturgy or the supplier of Mercadona (biggest supermarket). Our customers go from small schools to one entire country that is going to use our technology to certify all their higher education students. Our product works and convinces! No other blockchain solution provider, even big tech firms in this domain, has similar customer traction.

Eden Fresh

Blockchers Use Case Scenario

Vottun will implement the following use case scenario in an existing SME as described below:

Vottun will track food origin and provide transparent traceability for “”Eden Fresh”” a consortium of Spanish fruit producers that import their food worldwide (mainly to Europe). Food traceability can be improved with the use of DLT technology and pubic blockchains providing citizens with better information from the source.
This project will reduce fraud related to the origin and quality of foods. It aims to provide regulator agencies with a better tool to act fast in food poisoning alerts.


Blockchers Use Case Scenario

Trace Labs will implement the following use case scenario in an existing SME as described below:

With this use case, Trace Labs will help KZ Šaleška dolina – an agricultural cooperative from Slovenia – connect the dots in its value chain by tracking events from farm to shelf. This is critical for the cooperative to achieve financial performance, product safety and the company’s sustainability goals.
Trace Labs will enable KZ Šaleška dolina to automate and streamline core processes and incentivise sustainable farmers by using a public blockchain with built-in transparency and integrity.This will be achieved with applications on top of the OriginTrail protocol that will connect legacy IT to the blockchain without disrupting business-as-usual processes.

Team making Vottun great

Luis Carbajo CEO
Rohan Hall CTO
Marta Vallés​ Business Development
Pere Dupuy Project Manager

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