We all know it. You need to find your way to pitch for success if you require investment. And that means to prepare yourself to make a real best matching between your project and your potential investors.

Having key opportunities to access the right partner is not only difficult but a real art!

You may lose significant time and focus if you do not spot your ideal investor or you do not know how to make your value clear to him/her.

So, you must visualize that your offer has reached the right maturity level to be able to find the sphere where your key stakeholders are present. Identify them and pitch them with the precise information they need to get interested in you and be ready to invest their time in analyzing your offer. Then, fine tune your message to attract the attention of those that are decisive to you.

Some key elements to bear in mind you must obtain:

  1. Investors interest and knowledge of your product/service
  2. Maturity of your product/service in relation to the type of investor
  3. Interest and knowledge of the investors in the Technology behind your value proposition.
  4. Presence of your competitors in the pitching context

More specifically, we aware of what Montse Guardia DG of Alastria was indicating in the Webinar for the Blockchers, last January 27th about “How to find your ideal investors and pitch them for success”. Your pitch deck always includes the following information:

First introduce the Team, a strong team is a condition sine qua non for a company heading success. Then guarantee that this is a team with a clear Strategy. There is no strategy without a vision.  Be very clear in your pitch but don’t forget to show that you run for the long term. Then go from your Vision to a real Business Model. See that your value proposition is innovative but solid and always refer to monetization.

In case there is technological business disruption, make it clear and make sure you show value, and that you have considered the possibilities and timings for the scaling up of your model. Don’t forget to refer to further international markets. Complement your pitch with other information such as social impact element, sustainability and other values aligned with your investors approach.

Then once done that in your deck you should be clear about your market and product, including elements such as size, competitors or trends. Show product maturity through objective data, and if possible refer to demos of your product and add as much analytics as possible also referring to network effects.

Alastria Link2Chain, the initiative to Connect, Pitch and Network

In order to facilitate this process, Alastria launched the program Link2Chain; this initiative helps Alastria members to prepare their projects in order to be really appealing when meeting investors and other interesting stakeholders that will help to boost their projects, there are several steps.

Fit for the Pitch

Alastria gives advice from experts to the Blockchers project as to the adequacy of their pitches. A “webminar” under the title “Blockchers: Pitch for your ideal investors” was offered by Montse Guardia in February 2020.  Having analyzed all the presentations received, she shared her knowledge on how to prepare the perfect pitch for investment.

Creating opportunities for quality connections

Once the projects are prepared, the next step is to participate in activities where they can reach the right stakeholders. Alastria offers to its members, as well as, to the Blockchers projects the participation in several leading events where effective connections become real. In the next months, “The Blockchers” companies will have the chance to participate in the following international meetings in Spain:

Málaga, FORO TRANSFIERE: February 12th to 13th, 2020

Barcelona, 4YFN-MWC: February 24th, 2020

Valencia, FORINVEST: March 3rd to 4th March, 2020

Salamanca, START-UP OLÉ : May 4th to 6th, 2020

Madrid, DES (Digital Enterprise Show): May 19th to 21st May, 2020

A broad selection of specialized stakeholders and investors meet to match their interests. Because a good idea needs clients, investors, allies and partners to become real. Moreover Alastria is Global Partner of Barcelona Tech City, within this agreement more opportunities of specific order are available to “The Blockchers”

Let´s tap on our strengths and turn our chances into reality to make the world change for better with the use of the Blockchain Technology.