The second open call closed the application process last Friday 13th of March. Now that the evaluation process is starting, we can say that we have received 111 proposals from 28 countries. Compared that last year Blockchers received 70 proposals from 18 countries, we must say that this year has been a success.

How does the process work?

First, all the interested SMEs must fill and online application form and ally themselves with another SMEs. In this project we foster the collaboration between SMEs from traditional sectors and potential DLT specialists, as technology providers, and to promote knowledge about the benefits and opportunities of these technologies. This is what happen during the first call and what is happened in the second one.

The second step is pre-selection of 12 SMEs, during the first call the selected ones were –Brikkapp, ChainGo, ChangetheBlock, Comunitaria, Eternitrace, Mimirium, Pact Care, Soffito, Staxe, Trace Labs, ValidatedID and Zenithwings.

After a presentation of their use case from the technical and commercial point of view, 8 SMEs must be selected, the last call were –ChainGo, ChangetheBlock, Comunitaria, Eternitrace, Mimirium, Trace Labs, ValidatedID and Zenithwings.

The last step of the process is for the selected startups to participate in a pitch competition to select the 2 best use cases.

The winners were:

  • Eternitrace (Belgium) 1er prize: 17.000€. Develops a global interoperable collaborative supply-chain tool supported by the blockchain technology.
  • ChangeTheBlock (Spain) 2º prize: 13.000€. Build a platform for Smart Contract creation without programming knowledge.

About Blockchers

BLOCKCHERS project funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme is an accelerator for SMEs will facilitate the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). This accelerator for SMEs will administer a € 750,000 fund in two calls to finance cases of use of blockchain technologies in traditional sectors. The selected SMEs will move to the implementation phase in which, throughout two phases, they will receive funding for their project and, other free services as infrastructure access, training courses or personalised coaching. A selected company could obtain up to € 50,000 of non-refundable financing.