The EU has deeply engaged in developing Blockchain Technology for a better future. Indeed, blockchain brings a radical change of paradigm in the way we interact opening a brand-new world of opportunities to create new business and social models.

This is particularly relevant in today´s world. The challenges we are facing are of unprecedent dimension and require multilayer collaboration. COVID 19 pandemic has also turned around the rational of many industries.  Let´s take the events and cultural sector. The current limitations to meet in person has practically killed the related business models. Blockchain though opens the opportunity to totally rethink these industries. Staxe, one of the companies selected to participate in the Blockchers Programme, offers the option to tokenize events.  Datarella, brings a new approach to NGOs financing by digitalizing the relationship between donors and organizations and bringing trust to the way in which the funds are used. These are just example of game changing options besides the already well-known efficiency effects that blockchain brings to existing business models.

New approach to collaboration in the paradigm

Today, the need for a multiparty cooperation is greater than ever before. World challenges can only be approached by bringing together different parties. The creation of value is also increasingly done in collaborative environments. Blockchain technology brings the trust needed to make real collaboration possible between unknown parties. DEIP, another Blockcher, has developed a solution that allows cooperation in projects while tracing each contribution and linking it to the intellectual property rights of the parties involved.

We are currently exploring with different use cases. Some are deemed to bring efficiencies to the current models. Others are true game changers to our relationship and up to the economic and social models.

The EU institutions are paving the way to make these changes possible under our current legal and regulatory framework. The evolution of the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure, the framework for a Digital Sovereign Identity are key pieces in the way towards a new economic and social paradigm.