To all blockchain experts: As BLOCKCHERS, we are currently conducting a European survey to analyze the current regulatory situation for blockchain.

In this case, we will support the European Commission with a policy recommendation on blockchain/DLT for which we would need your support.Help us to help youThis activity consists in creating advisory guidance by leaders, entrepreneurs and academics, having an in-depth knowledge of the DLT technology in order to feed the Observatory’s work with hands-on expertise and provide the European Commission with key insights about emerging trends in the domain as well as advice on priority issues to be addressed at the European level.For that, the survey we currently conduct is just the first step, but a crucial one.

Based on your feedback, we will move forward, identify the most pressing topics and form policy recommendations for the European Commission based on it.

What makes you a blockchain expert?

It doesn’t matter if you have a startup, work in a bank, a consultancy, are a politician or policy maker yourself, a lawyer or an academic: Everybody who is involved in blockchain and wants to create a blockchain or DLT-based solution will have encountered various problems.We want to collect your experiences to see, which are the biggest hurdles, help the EU to get them out of the way and finally help you achieve your goals.Therefore we kindly ask you to participate in our survey.

It will take 5 to 10 minutes of your time and will help us – and hopefully you in the future – a lot!