is a Technological Startup that manages HOAs (Home Ownership Associations) by providing access to information such as balance accounts, budgets, incidents, meetings, voting, legal doubts; saving cost of property management making use of artificial intelligence; calculating 43 different budgets types; securing online voting based on a blockchain system; integrating a chat-bot (NLU) and managing the energy self-production in HOAs based on a blockchain.

Can you tell us how the idea for your startup began?

In Spain 67% of people live in blocks of flats and Homeowners Association Management has always been (and continues to be) far behind in terms of digital transformation. That decided me to try to modernize the sector with Artificial Intelligence, IOT and blockchain, starting from a secure voting system for fair decisions among neighbors.

What are you passionate about achieving?

Happier neighborhoods thanks to technology.

Who are the team members and what backgrounds do you have?

Luciano Silvi is Comunitaria CTO and is a programmer endowed with extraordinary intelligence who comes from working as a software researcher in a space agency, lucky to have him and Miguel Fuentes, professor of robotics and expert in frontend and IOT. The development team has Ana Gutierrez, a very experienced programmer and at the same time young as the Solidity technology, she helps to continue the work of our former Ehtereum programmer, Matyas, now in an Investment Fund, and who made our initial developments as the secure vote and supplier rating in DLTs and who continues to collaborate punctually. The team is completed by one of the people who knows how to take advantage of Lightning Network’s technology, Adrian Tomas, who has built APItoshi for an easy interaction with this technology. We have external advisors such as the hardware mentors Miguel Ángel and Juan Antonio from the innovation space of Telefónica “El cubo” and Bernardo, head of innovation at Aletis, supplier of Airbus, and friends from “La Colmena” in Bormujos, such as Wimel and Víctor, a centre of innovation in Cosmos Network technology and above all Polkadot. Finally, Miguel Prados, CEO of Comunitaria, expert engineer in Ethical Banking and Governance and passionate about Bitcoin since 2012.

Which is the use-case that you have presented for the Blockchers Acceleration Programme?

Our use case is micro-metering (IOTA’s MAM channels) and micro-invoicing (Lightning Networks) of photovoltaic self-consumption in residential communities for easy deployment on a multi-devices IOT Hub with Proof of Location ( The first step for a bridge between smart city and smart home: smart neighborhoods powered by blockchain on IOT.

“Happier neighborhoods thanks to technology”

Why did you choose it?

Only 4% of renewable energy in Spain comes from residential areas, in other countries this percentage is 10 times higher. Photovoltaic self-consumption provides resilience to installations in microgrid, circular economy, energy saving and sovereignty, but in residential communities it clashes with a very fragmented ownership structure. As we already had knowledge of the residential communities because we work with them, one of our partners produces, distributes and install electrical power, we have already developed cases of use of blockchain and the council is very receptive to discounts on taxes for self-consumption of electricity and the European Union bets on it. Everything seemed to fit!

What are you most excited about taking part in the acceleration programme?

Networking and the possibility of converting our prototype to an industrial scale thanks to Blockchers mentoring.

What unique aspects does your company have to offer to the blockchain ecosystem in Europe?

We have been involved in the open-source community (like voting software) for a long time. We are very motivated because we believe that we can bring positive elements of blockchain to society. We work on the latest developments and even contribute to making those more accessible thanks to open source. We believe in inter-collaboration of different DLTs instead of competition, we’re cooperative by code, trying to get the best of each technology working together.

“Only 4% of renewable energy in Spain comes from residential areas, in other countries this percentage is 10 times higher”

Can you tell us something that you appreciate about your company?

It is a diverse team in terms of knowledge, age, background and gender, that provide us with collective and emphatic intelligence.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

We see Comunitaria bigger but still diverse, still having fun with development, still contributing to open source, but this time, decentralized.