Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) are a hot topic. But as all emerging technologies, require an important support from public authorities through their innovation support mechanisms to facilitate the access from the lab to the market.

We have analysed the existing ongoing initiatives related to “blockchain and DLTs” terms within the H2020 programme and have obtained the following insights.

About the number of projects

  • 2016 was the real starting year for H2020 and blockchain. 
  • D-CENT project was already talking about blockchain research in 2013 (back to Framework Programme 7th)
  • Significant increase for 2018 and 2019.

About the investment

In terms of funding, the European Commission has already devoted over €398M in 129 projects. We’ve extracted the funding per year in all the existing projects. The following picture talks on its own. Investment in 2019 and 2020 is reaching an annual rate of €100M per year.

The H2020 areas among which the funding is disbursed are the following:

As it is no surprise, ICT and security, count with more than a half of the funding.

About the organisations

Top organisations within projects related to blockchain domain are also well-known reference entities in the research arena. H2020 has directly supported 838 organisations within blockchain-related projects. Main supported entities have been Engineering Ingegneria Informatica (12 projects), Atos Spain (9), Fraunhofer (8), Certh (7) and CEA (6). Interesting to see two large corporations (instead of traditional research institutions) in the top.

About the future of DLTs research.

But there are also future opportunities within H2020 for blockchain and DLTs. Last calls for H2020 offer a couple of concrete opportunities for funding, without forgetting general programmes like the SME Instrument or FTI, open to any technology.

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This article was written by Miguel García, Blockchers coordinator and expert on innovation management.