The eight starups moving to the next phase are: ChainGo, ChangetheBlock, Comunitaria, Eternitrace, Mimirium, Trace Labs, ValidatedID and Zenithwings.

The first meeting of Blockchers community was held in Budapest last week. The 12 companies from 8 different countries that were selected to participate in the Blockchers Programme joined together in a two-days event at the iconic venue of the HubHub in the town center. There they demonstrated the viability of their blockchain and DLTs in the solution, and finally 8 of them were selected. The selected startups, in alphabetical order have been: ChainGo, ChangetheBlock, Comunitaria, Eternitrace, Mimirium, Trace Labs, ValidatedID and Zenithwings.

During the 9th and 10th of October the whole Blockchers’ community put together a demolition pitch contest in which out of this meeting-up 8 startups are going to move forward to the “implementation” stage of the programme. The objective of this new stage will be to implement DLT technologies in existing SMEs from a wide range of sectors across Europe. The winner of the programme will get €50,000 equity-free.

After this implementation the consortium will meet up again during the Crypto Asset Conference 2019 happening next 9th and 10th of March in Frankfurt and will award the best two projects of this very first cohort.

About the startups

ChainGo from Spain. Is a company that provides an online platform to manage flows of information and documentation related to logistics processes. This platform based on Blockchain technology allows to the end users (importer & exporter companies) to have complete traceability of their cargo and to manage their supply chain in a more efficient, simple and secure way.

ChangeTheBlock from Spain. Is a platform for Smart Contract creation without programming knowledge. It allows any user to edit, create and manage smart contracts on the Ethereum network. This platform is entirely graphical and is managed through a website designed for any user to make use of it.

Comunitaria from Spain. The startup provide services to HOAs (Home Ownership Associations). Provides access to information such as balance accounts, budgets, incidents, meetings, voting, legal doubts; saves cost of property management making use of artificial intelligence; calculates 43 different budgets types; secures online voting based on a blockchain system; integrates a chatbot (NLU) and manages the energy self-production in HOAs based on a blockchain.

Eternitrace from Belgium. This startup develops a global inter-operable collaborative supply-chain tool supported by the blockchain technology. The tool allows their customers to trace between companies, manufactuing processes, shipping operations and inter-company documentation.

Mimirium from Bulgaria. Mimirum is an eco-system of different tools that collects user information and stores it securely on its devices. All users running that software form a distributed network database, which can be used to extract aggregated. anonymous information. For their participation, the users get paid. Using zero-knowledge proof and homomorphic encryption combined with secure multipart computation we provide 100% anonymity of our users.

Trace Labs from Slovenia. Trace Labs enables business communities of the future to harness the value of interconnected data. The company is the core developer of the OriginTrail protocol. This startup helps companies from different industries connect legacy IT to the main blockchains in a matter of hours, without disrupting their business-as-usual processes.

Validated ID from Spain. This startup offers security trust services to the processes of electronic signature and digital identity management. With VIDchain they offer a decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity service based on Blockchain for digital identity verification processes. This solution ensures GDPR compliance and improves procedures such as customer onboarding, AML, and KYC.

Zenithwings from Portugal. They are a high-tech company based in Portugal, focusing on developing innovative solutions for the Precision Farming and Industry 4.0. They work with technologies such as big data processing, data visualization, and integrated IoT solutions and platforms to improve the quality of agriculture and to increase farms production.

About a new call

The consortium agreed that the second open call for Blockchers will be opened from the 13th of January to the 13rd of March. It is expected a selection of up to 18 companies that will enroll into a new acceleration programme by the end of Spring 2020.

Blockchers is a programme coordinated by Zabala Innovation Consulting and in partnership with Innomine, Alastria network and Frankfurt Business School Blockchain Center.