Our project has started, the first months have passed, and we created awareness around the Blockchers project. Through that awareness, you were able to find us and maybe even apply to our open call. But awareness is only the beginning, it has to transform into meaningful action and change too. Gathering together can really achieve tangible change and if we center our goals towards a shared strategy and goal it can be incredibly effective. In other words, building a community. Building a community is not only important but for startups, building out communities can be a tough, however, a rewarding process.

We surely have experienced the potential a community can give and even nowadays with communities such as LinkedIn we are familiar with the importance of it. But a community can have more potential to a company or a single person than a new job. Especially in the age of new technologies where we must overcome obstacles such as new regulations and laws, it makes sense to use the strength of a community.


A very basic example a lot of people are familiar with:

You have a great idea but are unsure how to put it into practice yet. You have been thinking for hours but you just can’t find a solution. Since it is lunch break you are taking a break from thinking about it and meet your other colleagues from different departments. They are not familiar with what you are working on currently and you start explaining it to them including your new idea. One of your colleagues doesn’t understand your idea fully, therefore, you have to break it down even further and explain it in a different way. And there it strikes you an epiphany for your problem. You thank your colleagues for helping with the solution, but they are confused since they have done nothing but listening and asking questions.

Does that scenario sound familiar? Just breaking down an idea whilst explaining it to someone can help to solve the problem and putting it into practice. Therefore, we should talk to a lot of people, preferably in a community, to multiply that effect. Furthermore, working with communities is always a matter of giving and taking. And that means creating the community that will allow you to succeed and help you help others succeed, too. It’s those mutually beneficial relationships that turn your connections into a community. The wonderful thing about gathering together is the higher chance of actually finding achievable solutions. Because gathering different perspectives and opinions in a room leads to more innovation and ideas than we could have imagined on our own.

Sharing community

Benefits one can gain from a community:

· Passion for the same goal
· Share experiences and ideas
· Inspiration and motivation
· Gain new ideas and solutions
· Shared lessons
· Perspective
· Loyalty
· Marketing
· Long-term Strategies
· And many more….

Connected with startups

For startups, it can be important and vital to building a strong community because communities grow when users become more engaged and transform into members. Inspired people can receive a sense of belonging and be bonded to the company which generates more loyalty. Which in turn can result in more marketing such as “word-of-mouth”.
Many of the solutions and technologies we need to connect and build a community are already out there. We just need more collaboration and conversation across communities, industries, and individuals to achieve and utilize them. The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center has already a lot of experience in community building and bringing people together. Currently, it serves as a platform for managers, startups, technology and industry experts to share knowledge and best practices. 3 Conferences and 20+ events have been organized in the last 2 years. Our goal is to create a community around Blockchers too and support all interested companies and people in getting connected and sharing ideas. So stay tuned for upcoming events or opportunities around Blockchers.

Get connected with us and your fellow interested Blockchers! If you haven’t joined our telegram channel, please do so here: https://t.me/blockchers