EterniTrace by block0 team develops a global inter-operable collaborative supply-chain tool supported by the blockchain technology. The tool allows their customers to trace between companies (1) manufactuing processes (2) shipping operations and (3) inter-company documentation.

Can you tell us how the idea for your startup began?

Our two co-founders, Steve Degosserie and Danniel Penninck, have met during a previous work-mission doing IT in the logistic sector. Later, being both fans of DLT technologies, they decided to join hands a create block0, a startup specializing in blockchain developments.  Steve is much involved in public blockchains (such as Ethereum) while Daniel focuses more or private blockchains (such as Hyperledger). They decided last year to develop their own logistic traceability platform supported by the blockchain technology.  This new platform is called EterniTrace.

What are you passionate about achieving?

In EterniTrace we are passionate about blockchain innovation. We are very interested in the ability to connect IT systems to allow companies to collaborate fully – achieving end to end traceability – on logistic processes.

Who are the team members and what backgrounds do you have?

Steve and Daniel are the two blockchain engineers, they both have a background in IT development and have worked as IT consultants.  They also have both created their own companies in the past, so that they are true entrepreneurs. Sebastien joined later as the business developer; he has had an international retail career in the past.  Recently, we have added 3 young and promising recruits to our blockchain development team, fresh out of school, with the best possible grades.  They are very talented and smart people, spending their time learning always new technologies.

“In EterniTrace we are passionate about blockchain innovation”

Which is the use-case that you have presented for the Blockchers Acceleration Programme?

As part of the development of EterniTrace, our industrial traceability platform supported by the blockchain technology, we have decided to provide a use-case, provided by the end-user company LR-Physics, aiming at tracing the export of Belgian chocolate – our national treasure – to the United States.  The chocolate must arrive in perfect conditions of freshness (temperature, humidity, chocs) to satisfy the final customer.

Why did you choose it?

We chose that use case because we love chocolate!. This and because it involves end-to-end traceability of a fragile product, going from hands to hands, crossing the borders, before it can finally reach the final customers.  So, it is a perfect use case for the use of the blockchain through a collaborative logistic example.

What are you most excited about taking part in the acceleration programme?

Well first we must admit that going to Budapest is already something very new and exciting for us.  Then we are sure we will learn a lot from the other teams, we are curious to find out about their use-cases and technologies.  We also hope to make business contacts who will help us with the further development of our activity.  But most importantly we hope to make it to the next round to be able to develop in full our ‘chocolate traceability prototype’.

“We chose that use case because we love chocolate […] we hope to make it to the next round to be able to develop in full our ‘chocolate traceability prototype'”.

 What unique aspects does your company have to offer to the blockchain ecosystem in Europe?

Our unicity comes from the fact that we hope to reach end-to-end traceability by using open GS1 communication protocols to store information on the blockchain.  This way logistic information can easily be pushed and retrieved by different IT systems directly on our blockchain.

Can you tell us something that you appreciate about your company?

Our moto is ‘Force et Honneur’ (in English ‘strength and honour’).  The startup life is exciting but hard and unpredictable.  We appreciate most the fact that we stick through the difficulties together and that we take all our important decisions together.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

In 5 years, block0 and our blockchain traceability platform EterniTrace will hopefully be a strong reference in the world of collaborative logistics