12 companies from 8 countries have been selected to join one of the most vibrant programmes for startups in the blockchain scene. They will demonstrate the viability of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) in traditional SMEs across Europe.

The programme, supported with funds from the Horizon 2020 programme, will start their operations now in September with several dedicated trainings for their companies. During the 9th and 10th of October the whole Blockchers’ community will mingle together in an event in Budapest, where a demolition pitch contest will be held. Out of this meet-up only 8 teams will move forward to the “implementation” stage of the programme.

The objective of this new stage will be to implement DLT technologies in existing SMEs from a wide range of sectors across Europe. A company could obtain up to €50,000 equity-free at the end of the programme. So far, the 12 teams will be receiving €3,000 and a range of free trainings and services during the initial weeks of the programme.

The startups

The selected startups for the programme and proposed use cases are, in alphabetical order:

  • BrikkApp from Czech Republic. Building the world’s first property investment aggregator & marketplace that enables direct buying and selling from just few hundred EUR.
  • Chaingo from Spain. Blockchain solutions for the international trading and logistics industry.
  • ChangeTheBlock from Spain. Building platforms for smart contract creation without programming knowledge.
  • Comunitaria from Spain. Providing services to HOAs (Home Ownership Associations).
  • Eternitrace from Belgium. Global collaborative supply-chain solution supported by the blockchain technology. This tool is dedicated to the logistics/supply-chain sector.
  • Mimirium from Bulgaria. Distributed user-owned personal database with anonymous business interface.
  • Pact Care from Netherlands. Developing blockchain solutions to break data silos and increase patient-centered health care.
  • Sofitto from Belgium. Our solution decentralizes payment systems and digitizes cash, creating a next-generation money ecosystem.
  • Staxe from Switzerland. Guaranteeing successful events and minimizing the risk for organizers to produce them by changing completely the way people buy tickets to an event.
  • Trace Labs from Slovenia. Enabling business communities of the future to harness the value of interconnected data. The company is the core developer of the OriginTrail protocol
  • Validated ID from Spain. Offering security trust services to the processes of electronic signature and digital identity management.
  • Zenithwings from Portugal. Developing innovative solutions for the Precision Farming and Industry 4.0.

Blockchers’ online portfolio is available at https://blockchers.eu/portfolio The startups have also prepared a 1-minute video presentation available at YouTube.

Blockchers is a programme coordinated by Zabala Innovation Consulting and in partnership with Innomine, Alastria network and Frankfurt Business School Blockchain Center.