As we explained before and going further in the world of SMEs in blockchain, if you are an SME that wants to improve its business results by using a Blockchain solution, you will need to choose the adequate Blockchain for your purpose. How strong the ecosystem supporting your blockchain is, will make the difference for you.

Blockchain solutions for SMEs

The magic of Blockchain is only possible through the collaboration of different parties involved in the functioning of the distributed network. Each party will perform a function. The combination of them will make the blockchain work. Some will be developers, others users and nodes, in some blockchains there will be miners. All the parties will be orchestrated by a set of rules set up in the protocol (the governance) and also interact with the external world (regulators, supervisors, legal systems, oracles, etc). It is important to choose a blockchain which is open, has a broad basis and is conscious of the need to comply with the legal framework.

If you work in a specific field such as health or logistics, you may wish to join the verticals by function. There, you will mingle with companies and stakeholders working in your sector. This will allow you to solve common problems, know each other and collaborate at all levels.

You may be a lawyer that wants to know more and help further build the governance of the Alastria blockchain, as well as, understanding the legal, regulatory framework. In that case, you should join the legal committee. The network also works on bringing financing opportunities to its members through international collaborations or publicly subsidized programs.

Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem

The Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem was born to offer solutions for SMEs in blockchain in a collaborative manner. Anyone that complies with the general policies, may join the non-for-profit association and collaborating with the network. You can be a node and start using it for your business purposes or/and you can contribute to its development. Be part of the ecosystem. How can you do that? Well, it is easy.

The association offers its members to contribute to the identified needs by joining the different committees that are in place. If you wish to know more or contribute to the development of the technological elements, you may wish to join the Strategic Technical Committee. By now more than 100 professionals are working together on technical issues. On top of contributing to the development of the network, they are gaining a huge level of expertise on blockchain technology and its possible uses. The Resilience Committee, the Digital Identity Committee and the Standardization Committee are also highly ranked by members.

The scope of Alastria´s collaborative efforts are broad. We are reaching universities, think tanks, technological centers and other institutions in view of fostering innovation. Alastria also works though its Public Administration Committee with institutions at EU and national levels to ensure the correct understanding of the regulatory constrains and shape the future of blockchain technologies through regulation.

To sum up, the members of the Alastria Association shape their blockchain. It is their common asset. The diversity you can find among the more than 450 members (47% of them being SMEs, 39% administrative institutions and 14% big corporate) in terms of nature, size, sector and incentives provide a great strength to the ledger and the network. The combination of open, collaborative and safe is being made possible in the blockchain ecosystem.