Blockchain has been alive and functioning for the last 10 years. Both businesses and the general public increasingly understand the meaning and possible uses of this new technology. By now, almost everyone links it to transparency, traceability, trust and efficiency and the possibility to open new business models are in the mind of companies and entrepreneurs. Those that have been pioneers in the use of this technology are in pool position to create new market opportunities.

Timing is critical in business and very specially in the start-up context. In this sense, the go to market of blockchain solutions might be shortened by focusing on potential clients or allies that are already operating in this context. These parties will more easily understand the added value through the use of this game-changing technology. The development of specific ecosystems, where those that understand the technical and social aspects present that may accelerate the adoption of business solution and partnerships.

The same applies to funding. Investment in “blockchain companies” (companies using this technology in their business case) is being approached by a number of specialised investors, both institutional as well as private.

In this context, it is crucial for blockchain start ups to be connected to powerful ecosystems, in order to find clients, business partners and investors.

Blockchers in blockchain

Blockchers facilitates this process to its selected participants. Alastria (one of the Consortium members) offers access to a very mature blockchain ecosystem of companies, organisations, investors and public administrations. Its more than 500 members are already actively working with it, which makes business interaction easier and more productive. This ecosystems that includes big international corporate together with SMEs and technical companies, is also organized in sectorial hubs such as health, tourism or logistics, making it easier for participants to connect with relevant partners in their branch pushing for new business opportunities.

Moreover, through the initiative Link2chain Alastria connects the entrepreneurial talent of the blockchain community in Spain with investment funds with the aim of generating a consistent network of companies and entrepreneurship (start-ups) that base their value proposal on the intelligent use of the technology.

Besides this organisational structures allows all members of the community to participate in the development of policy recommendations in order to enhance the regulatory and policy framework for blockchain companies. Blockchers is also channeling the input and experience of the blockchain ecosystem for this purpose.

So, Blockchain Companies!!! Get connected to the right ecosystem! It will speed up your success!