Blockchain promises to be transforming our society in many ways. Use cases are endless and cover subjects as diverse as Central Banking Cryptocurrencies, Financial Inclusion, Smart Cities, Transparency and accountability, empowering individuals to protect their Privacy through self-sovereign identity solutions, Consumer Protection through traceability and many other.

This transforming nature of the Blockchain technology can only be unleashed if policy makers, regulators, technologists, businesses, academics and the third sector come together to set up the appropriate ground.

We can only make it happen, if we do it together!

It is not an easy task since we all tend to work in silos but it happened at the first edition of “Convergence”, the Global blockchain congress organized by the European Commission, Alastria EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum and INATBA which took place in Spain, 11th to 13th of November 2019. The aim was precisely to let everyone converge towards a brighter future around this new technology.

Blockchain Convergence

Convergence brought together more than 1400 stakeholders from all different fields and all different geographies. Meaningful conversations took place between the industry and regulators, policy makers and international organizations, technologists, lawyers, academics and business-people. How to regulate? How to apply GDPR? How can we create standards in an evolving technology? Governance for a better future. Social impact. Standardization. Regional or global approach. Geopolitics use cases… Experiences were shared, and deeper discussions took place.

The efforts done by the European Commission to support the development of the technology and its use cases for a stronger economy and a better society were also present in several panels.

Blockchers was presented as the project funded by the European Commission to enhance the use of Blockchain in the framework of EU SMEs. Access to equity free capital as well as to the Alastria DLT infrastructure, specific training, coaching among other benefits offered by Blockchers, help SMEs integrate the Blockchain technology into their operations or transform their business model.

The panel also discussed what would be the adequate policy framework to let the technology flourish in the benefit of the European economy. Legal certainty and access to investment were identified as key elements to let the blockchain ecosystem grow in our geography.

Let´s meet next year at Convergence Blockchain Congress and stay tuned for the next Blockchers edition!