Blockchers is looking for evaluators to support us in the process of selecting the teams that will be part of our programme after the closure of the call for proposals in the month of May.

To that aim, Blockchers opens a call for evaluators. We are currently looking for two well differentiated profiles of evaluators:

  • Distributed Ledger Technologies experts: people which are sound from a technical perspective, technicians with experience on state-of-the-art tools and deep expertise in areas like smart contracts, hyperledger, Quorum, etc.
  • Startups/Investment experts: people who are sound from an entrepreneurship/investment perspective. Actual CEOs from successful startups, business angels, investors, relevant mentors are welcome to apply.

In return you will be paid for your time and will opt to join our team as evaluator for this first open call for proposals. Also, a contract will be signed among the coordinator of the programme, Zabala Innovation Consulting, as representative of the consortium and yourself. In order to be selected, you will need to fill in the following form until the following 5th of May.

Apply here:

Note we will select a set of evaluators with an appropriate gender and country representation balance.

The template for the contract with all the conditions is available here

Good luck!